Why telehealth?

Simply put, telehealth allows for greater access to therapy for many people who come to seek support.

Telehealth is as effective as in-person care therapy and eliminates many barriers – reasons not to start therapy – that people can struggle with when looking for a therapist.

Isn’t it weird to do therapy via screens?

Therapy in and of itself is “weird!”

Therapy is a transformative space, and that space is temporary and portable. Having a set time every week provides structure, and meetings consistently help create a sense of safety.

The actual location can play its role as much or as little as you would like.

Telehealth is easy whether you sit across from me on a couch or across from me on a screen. Some people like to make a special place to meet, and others can move around and interact with me wherever they may be.

2147176681Teletherapy addresses so many barriers to therapy!

You can access telehealth rather than spending extra time and money to get to my office. Meeting online doesn’t affect your day or your therapy.

Do you need to go home to see your parents this week but feel stressed about it? There is no need to cancel our appointment because I can meet you anywhere you are.

Do you have a full schedule but have time during a break in the workday to meet? I can accommodate that, and you don’t have to tack on extra commuting time to see me.

Enjoying your creature comforts is easier. Meet me on your couch in your sweats with a cup of tea handy. If you hate cold or heat or rain or snow, you can relax at your home as we get into our work together.

How can art therapy work from a remote setting?

Art therapy works great remotely! I can provide art-making prompts after a session – like I would for an in-person meeting.

I can also offer guidance and direction during the session if you are interested in doing work.

Many people I work with will put the screen down and spend the session doodling, drawing, coloring, painting, or collaging while they talk. We can explore your art at the end of the session if you are so inclined.

1446338549What about other approaches do you utilize? Do those work remotely?

Absolutely. I have done guided meditation, breathwork, visualization, and all kinds of somatic work from behind a screen. It works!

Do you see your therapist remotely?

I do! It’s convenient and such a time saver not to commute to the office.

I enjoy being home to journal or process things when I get out of session, and I can also indulge in self-care as I need it.