1893697597Finding the right therapist is the first step.

So, you’re ready to start therapy. You have found this website – welcome! – and are trying to learn a little more about me and therapy.

The thought of therapy can seem intimidating initially; picking up the phone for the first consultation is the biggest hurdle! But remember, this will be the last act you’ll have to do alone.

After you reach out to me, I’ll call or email back, and we can talk or make an appointment to chat later. I’ll listen to what’s going on in your life and ask you a few questions.

If we seem a good fit, I’ll send some information for you to complete, and we’ll set a start date for our weekly meeting.

There’s no more facing challenges alone.

I will be with you when challenges arise as we navigate those troubled waters.

The other side of overwhelming feelings is confidence and mastery. Imagine, for a moment, if that anxiety lifted for a minute, and you started feeling like your old self, as the tears stopped, and you began to see the way forward again.

How does this happen? In our first few meetings, I’ll get to know you by asking about what’s happening in your life and how you feel. At the same time, you are getting to know me. Besides learning your life’s who, what, when, and where, I’m tuning into the emotional “why” and “how.” I’m looking for patterns and connections, and we can discuss them as our work progresses.

You won’t be swinging in the wind in the interim! I can offer actionable ways to manage feelings and situations that dovetail with our conversations in session and help you find some relief as we navigate your emotional world.

2190698273You won’t be talking to a wall.

How will therapy improve my life? Dissecting your feelings can help manage your responses to them. That drop in the stomach, tightening of the neck, and cold feeling in the hands and feet are part of the body.

Learning how to respond to body sensations, thoughts, and emotions can deepen your satisfaction in life. That understanding allows you to pause before responding, feel comfortable making decisions, have courage in relationships, communicate better and more clearly, and have less tolerance for what does not serve you in all areas of life!

Ultimately, we will connect your mind, feelings, and body, so no single part feels like it becomes overwhelming. This experience will deepen your self-understanding of why and how your mind, body, and feelings respond the way they do.

About Me


I completed my Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapy at the School of Visual Arts and received certifications and extensive training in substance use (I’m a CASAC) and bereavement (I’m a certified Grief Counselor through the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals).

My work as a therapist has allowed me to work with people in different settings, ranging from teenagers in mental health hospitals to hospital healthcare workers in the COVID-19 pandemic, both in groups and as individuals. Seeing people move along their path to recovery is a humbling experience. 

In sessions with me, you’ll notice my involvement. I ask questions, reflect, validate, and notice. My clients have shared that they appreciate my responsiveness – I am not a “blank screen”. My approach seeks to support you, centers you, and allows for introspection.