Creative Arts Therapy

1864122703What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a unique component of my expertise that is useful for deepening the personal growth of my clients. Like any tool, some approaches work better in some situations than others. I have specific training in using art making as a therapeutic intervention in your growth.

Art therapy is a part of the therapy that I offer.

Working with me does not require you to do art therapy. I’m a trained psychotherapist and can do “talk” therapy with you. Art therapy is a “bonus” part of my training we can utilize together, assuming you feel inclined to try it.

By the way, you don’t need to be an artist to participate in art therapy! It’s art “therapy” and not art “class.” I can help you pick art-making that feels supportive of your goals. Drawing seems to be what comes to mind for many people when they think about making art – but you don’t have to draw to make art!

I can specifically target a therapeutic goal using art, and I’ll guide you through the entire thing.

1923775883Here are some applications of art therapy.

Melissa* has a fatiguing job where she is on Zoom all day. She gets relief during therapy by opening her teletherapy session and then working on a doodle or a collage while she talks to me. At the end of the session, she will show me her work if she wants, and we will have a chance to talk about it.

Joan* likes to make collages in between sessions. She has a collection of old magazines she couldn’t bear to part with, and what started as a fun diversion now has become a deeper expression. Joan enjoys creating collages that express elements of her inner world, which is now opening to her as therapy progresses.

Jordan* has been talking a lot in therapy but feels their head is full, and their thoughts are still spinning after the session. I email Jordan an art prompt as a jumping-off point to create something. Jordan completes the art during the week and finds it helps them organize their thoughts for our next meeting.

Art therapy is a great tool, and I can help deepen your therapeutic work.

Art allows us to express what we don’t have words for, including trauma, pain, suffering, and losses. Words fail, and art-making can step in to fill the gap.

There’s no skill needed. Art therapy is not an “art class.” It is an emotional exploration of the process of making art and then a reflective discussion about the product.

It can shake things loose if you feel stuck and sum things up well if you feel overwhelmed.

Consider art therapy because it may be the approach you need to get things moving in therapy.

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.