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Exploring Relationships with Others and the Self

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Lately, things have become unmanageable.

You haven’t always felt this disconnected and lonely.

But recent events have made everything worse – upending all of the routines and familiarities you counted on for support.

Changes occur at such a rapid pace that you can’t adapt to or control them.

You feel trapped doing the same thing over and over.

Requests from people in your professional and personal life are nearly impossible to turn down.

It’s easier to say yes and feel overwhelmed than it is to say no and potentially upset someone.

All the problems in your life feel so intertwined that the idea of trying to change any one thing feels overwhelmingly daunting.

It’s affecting every part of your life.

You’ve begun to avoid the things that once brought you joy, since even the thought of them reminds you of how much you’ve changed.

Taking care of yourself has become your lowest priority.

It’s as though you are sleepwalking through life – barely conscious, zoned out, just going through the motions.

Relationships all fall apart.

You find yourself choosing the same type of partner again and again, which leads to all the same fights and problems you’ve had before.

Attempts at improving your communication and setting goals with each other have all come up empty.

You want to be open about your issues, but you feel like such a burden to your family and friends that you end up just keeping it all to yourself.

Fixing it yourself hasn’t worked.

You try to stay positive and not focus on these upsetting thoughts – willing your mind to think of something, anything, else.

But, the anxiety just gets more intense; your heart pounds, your head spins, and it becomes difficult to breathe.

It’s agony not knowing moment-to-moment if the fear, unease, and sudden terror will return and overwhelm you again.

It wasn’t always like this.

You’ve been confident in your choices in the past, but things feel much harder now.

You made decisions that were not easy – your education, work, friendships, family – and you’re proud of them.

So why, you wonder, does it feel so bad now? How do you get back to that place of self-assuredness and power?

A way forward is possible.

You have the power to live a full life and make the best,
healthiest choices for your growth.

It is possible to heal the old wounds that lead to bad habits and find a way
to have more connected relationships.

It’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work and start learning about yourself.

Therapy is an enduring gift to give yourself.

I have over a decade of experience as a therapist.

And I offer a compassionate space for healing.

Together, we will learn about what is troubling you and work to find sustainable solutions.

My approach focuses and finding and practicing new ways to respond to old feelings and thoughts.


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