Grief Recovery

500603374“I should be over this by now.”

Time has elapsed, and the feelings don’t seem to have changed. Reminders still feel omnipresent, and anger bubbles up at the oddest moments.

They still visit in dreams, and when you wake up, the reality crashes down upon you again.

Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like we still deserve to feel this way.

It can feel like the pain will never change, even if death didn’t occur. A breakup, the death of a pet, a job loss – why does this feel so bad? It’s not like someone died. Right?

Grief is the natural response to a broken attachment.

All the love, closeness, and support are gone, and there is no place to put all that love now.

Feelings can be unpredictable at this time, and added to that is the sense that they will never change, causing you to feel stuck in this place forever.

Explaining your feelings to friends isn’t helping. You feel alone and lost, making it challenging to recover emotionally.

Receiving the proper support helps you process your grief.

2177050199Providing support is where I can help.

I am a loss expert – this can include death, but it also can result from any severe, irreversible change.

I can be the person who helps sort through your feelings and hear you say the things that feel unspeakable.

Let me help guide you through the tunnel of sorrow and out into a place of healing.

Besides feelings, mourning has stages.

There are tasks connected with loss, and making sense of and moving through those mile makers can help you find relief. Ultimately, the goal is not to be “ok again” – the goal is to find a new place, new peace, and a new way to hold the loss and integrate into your life.

In our work together, I usually start by listening to you a great deal and asking questions as you share.

Depending on what feelings are at the forefront, I can offer relaxation solutions, art therapy prompts, journaling, and other mindfulness ideas. As your feelings change, I can change with you and provide ongoing support.

You don’t have to feel this way.

Grief doesn’t have an expiration date.

I am here to help you feel better – and sooner. Working with me will help you feel less lonely, isolated, and in pain.

With help, you can quiet the constant thoughts and the things that pop in out of nowhere and make you feel bad for even thinking in the first place.

Receiving the right help offers you dignity and respect for yourself as someone moving through a challenging part of life but not the end.

Let me walk with you as you process your loss. It takes time to deal with grief, and I am willing to be there with you as you go through the stages of grief.